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Forgotten password

If you have forgotten your password, you can easily create a new password for yourself on the myClub login page. Creating a new password requires that you use the email address which is linked to your myClub Account.

  1. Click Forgot password?

  2. Enter your email address.

  3. Open the email and follow the instructions. (If you didn't receive the message, check your spam folder.)

Changing email address

If your email address has changed and you don't have access to your old email, ask your club´s manager (team leader, coach, club employee, etc.) to change your member email address in your member card and send you an activation link.

You´ll receive an activation link to your new email, which you can click to activate your member account. At the same time you will also create a new myClub Account with your new email, if you haven't done that yet.

Unsubscribe from club´s mailing list

If you don't want to receive messages from your club, check your member account´s messaging settings (messages from myClub).

If you are no longer a member in the club, contact the club admin to remove your membership account. Find the right person either on the club's website or on privacy policy page.

myClub Support cannot delete any member information while the club is responsible for its members´ register and information.

Closing member account / deleting membership

If you want your / your child's information to be deleted from the club's member register (e.g. you are no longer involved in the club's activities), contact the club's manager to delete your information and close your account.

Supported browsers

You can use myClub both in your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, MS Edge) and with the free mobile app (Android & iOS).

Please note that in order to use myClub, you must belong to a club that has an active myClub subscription.

The events are not shown correctly

If you're using the myClub mobile app, make sure you're on the right tab of the Events page; you can find your events on tabs In & Own.

If you do not see your club's events in myClub, check or ask the club manager to check that you have a member account in the club. Also ask the manager to check that you belong to the right group and that your email address is correct.

Once the member account is found, the email is correct, and you belong to the right group, ask the manager to send an activation link to your email.

Activity statistics are not updated

If you do not see realistic activity statistics in the mobile app, your club/team probably doesn't track attendances actively. Even if you have registered (and attended) events, this will not be recorded in the activity report if the club manager doesn't track attendances.

Emails don't come through

Check the following if you do not receive emails sent by your club (from myClub).

  • Check the communication settings of your myClub member account and make sure you have set the right email address.

  • Check your spam folder. Check also the other folders in your email (e.g. Offers in Gmail). Mark the messages sent from myClub as non-spam.

  • Check if you are using your business email. Your company's strict spam filters may filter out messages from myClub. In this case, use a private address, such as Gmail or Hotmail.

Email address disappears from member information

If a club manager or member has added an email address for the member, but the address disappears after the email is sent, the email address is invalid. In this case, myClub will automatically delete the invalid email addresses.

General information about the myClub Account

myClub Account (email + password) is used to log in to myClub. myClub Account is personal and one person should have only one myClub Account.

With the myClub Account you can manage one or more member accounts in the same or different clubs. Two or more myClub Accounts can also manage one member account. So e.g. parents can both manage child's member account with their own myClub Accounts. The parent of a child under the age of 13 may also allow the child to manage his or her own member account.

The member account is registered (either by the member herself or by a club manager) in the club member register. The member account represents the member of the club and her information.

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